This is what the Structure of the Social Rights Pillar should look like according to the Vision of the #2015PEP


The 14th European Meeting of People experiencing Poverty (PeP), which took place last November in Brussels, saw a diverse group of people experiencing poverty stand together to participate in the making and shaping of the European Pillar of Social Rights.

The dialogue resulted in the elaboration of six key messages that have been the object of discussion in the 2016 Annual Convention for Inclusive Growth, an event organized by the European Commission to debate the principles that support fair and well-functioning labor markets and welfare systems within the euro area.



click  here if you want to read the full proposal issued by the meeting

European values must have at their center people and not market and profit. Solidarity towards people experiencing poverty is an important value which can only be strengthened by efforts to reduce inequalities.

Social rights must include the right of people experiencing poverty to express their own identity and opinions in order to influence policy programs which concern them both as first-hand beneficiaries and as free citizens.

The dignity and the skills of marginalized individuals must be recognized by society because poverty is not a choice or a personal responsibility but a systematic problem.

Work, social protection and services must be granted to people in need as a part of an integrated approach to reduce poverty and provide access to essential services such as housing, healthcare and education.

A good work-Life balance must  be guaranteed to people experiencing poverty so that they don’t feel trapped in poor quality jobs which put pressure on their physical and mental well-being.

Ensuring a decent life for everybody must be the main goal of all the National Governments in Europe in order to build a more social European Union.

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