National Networks Preparation

EAPN Sweden

As a fundamental part of the preparation of the PEP-meeting at the European level EAPN-Sweden together with The European social fond project ”Network Diocese of Lund” and other NGOs arranged a national meeting.

On the 11/10 about 60 delegates met 5 MP:s. For more than a year people experiencing poverty and exclusion prepared proposals for political changes. For the meeting the delegates elected 18 proposals that were presented to the MPs.

It is important for us that the excluded people themselves select the proposals and that the selected themes represent all proposals that we recieved.


EAPN Macedonia

Macedonian National Conference ”Working just to get by”

“The biggest problem for us is the so-called seasonal employees – unemployed people. They are lonely citizens who are outside of our system, they have minimal incomes per month, they do not have health and pension insurance, and we are not able to get them out of poverty“.

 ”The more a person is poorer, the more he is vulnerable to corruption and pressures. Inequality becomes unbearable, dramatic and selfish.“

On 15th October 2017, at  Dare Dzambaz – House of Humanitarian Organizations, Skopje, was held Conference dedicated to in-work poverty and working poor citizens. This event with title “Working just to get by” was organized by Macedonian Anti-Poverty Platform, supported by European Anti-Poverty Network and co-supported by Friedrich Ebert office in Skopje and Federation of farmers in the Republic of Macedonia.

This kind of conference is organized for the sixth time and the goal is to make it possible to hear the voice of People Experiencing Poverty and give them the opportunity to present their problems and needs personally in front of governmental and non-governmental representatives. Through this way of work, active participation and inclusion of these people in a democratic debate is promoted, which should give solutions for a better life for all citizens.

Report from the National preparation of European PeP meeting 2017-Sashko_nadopolnuvanje

EAPN Hungary

In 2017, our organization, the Hungarian Anti-Poverty Network will send again a national delegation to Brussels, the “capital” of the EU in order to participate at the European Meeting of People Experiencing Poverty and meet the decision-makers. The selection of the members of the delegation followed a training at which the training participants discussed different aspects of poverty. The main topic this year is the in-work poverty (which refers to the situation when someone’s wage is not enough for a dignified living), which is a significant problem in Hungary. The delegation is ready to travel, we are grateful that they shared their experiences with us and with each other! The international meeting will be organized by the EAPN – European Anti Poverty Network. See more on the HAPN Facebook page!


EAPN Spain

A national PeP Meeting will take place in Spain this weekend! Check the programme here!


EAPN UK, Poverty Alliance

The Poverty Alliance organised a first exciting preparatory meeting, lots of experiences and ideas came up… to be discussed further!


‘In work poverty has big implications to health and well-being due to stress and worry about money’.

‘Being unable to heat your home because there is just no money left at the end of the month’.

‘Living on pay cheque after pay cheque with pawn brokers. It can be a vicious cycle’.

‘Parents not being able to fund their children’s school trips and school lunch’


EAPN Germany: German poverty congress raises its voice on unjust taxation!

Prior to the upcoming German national elections, nationale-armutskonferenz (EAPN Germany) raised its voice. In a coalition with other main voices on poverty they invited to a Congress on Poverty in Berlin. 500 people gathered – people experiencing poverty and experts on the topic – together they issued a call to the political parties for a fairer distribution of wealth. It received broad media coverage, making it even to the daily news. Let’s hope it is as impactful.

The congress also tackled our theme for this year’s European Meeting of People experiencing Poverty: In-work Poverty. In their call for social justice they stated that social advancement is now longer possible in our current society. Rather minijobs and subcontracted labor are no longer a bridge to good-quality work, but poverty traps.
We look forward for their imput to our European meeting!

Read the call (in German) here.

To see more about the congress on poverty, click here.